Nida Financial Group

Planning for every season of your life.

The Nida Financial Group is your one-stop source for financial and retirement planning, both for individuals and for businesses. We pride ourselves on being the focal point to the many pieces that go into the very complex world of planning your finances for every season of your life. Much like the maestro who sits in front of the orchestra, the Nida Financial Group can help to coordinate all of the entities that play a part in your financial and retirement plans. From accounting to legal to insurance to banking, we help to orchestrate their involvement with college planning, charitable planning, special needs planning, elder care planning, legacy and estate planning, and, of course, retirement planning. We can also advise on your current income and compensation strategies and look to help optimize your cash flow while seeking to mitigate your tax burden so your money may work more efficiently for you.

We bring all of the big-business tools to you while maintaining that small-town feel. We treat each of our clients as friends and family, not nameless, faceless individuals from across the internet. We not only know when to utilize the power of modern online financial tools, but also when to take time to sit down and listen to our clients. We believe there is a reason why we have two ears and just one mouth. We are not here to tell you what your dreams should be. At Nida Financial Group, we take the time to listen to what your dreams actually are and then put the strategies in place to help you pursue them.

Whether it’s establishing a college fund for your children, investing in the market or in real estate, traveling the world, buying a vacation home on the beach or a cabin in the mountains or just having enough disposable income to provide opportunities for your children and grandchildren, we will do everything within our power to consult and advise on how to help you work toward having the finances in place to cover all of the costs associated not just with daily life, but for all of those special moments that go into making your years a golden life.