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The Nida Financial Group is your one-stop source for financial and retirement planning, both for individuals and for businesses. We pride ourselves on being the focal point to the many pieces that go into the very complex world of planning your finances for every season of your life. Much like the maestro who sits in front of the orchestra, the Nida Financial Group can help to coordinate all of the entities that play a part in your financial and retirement plans. From accounting to legal to insurance to banking, we help to orchestrate their involvement with college planning, charitable planning, special needs planning, elder care planning, legacy and estate planning, and, of course, retirement planning. We can also advise on your current income and compensation strategies and look to help optimize your cash flow while seeking to mitigate your tax burden so your money may work more efficiently for you.

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CARTERSVILLE, GA – April 24, 2017 – Chuck Nida & Tommy Barnes have affiliated their financial planning practice, Nida Financial Group with Integrated Financial Group, a consortium of professional advisors headquartered in Atlanta, GA.  Chuck & Tommy say, “This is truly an exciting day for our clients and associates as we align with the services and … Continue reading NIDA FINANCIAL GROUP CHOSEN TO JOIN THE BRAIN TRUST
4707 Executive Drive San Diego, CA 92121-3091  February 17, 2016   Dear Valued Investor: Staying focused on long-term goals can be difficult during periods of heightened volatility such as we have experienced over the last six months. Although the list of market concerns has grown, it remains important to see the full picture and remain … Continue reading Market Challenges…
LPL Financial                                                    January 7, 2016 Dear Valued Investor: While a new year means new beginnings-changing to a new calendar, signing up for a new gym membership, and struggling to remember to write 2016 on our checks- markets are starting 2016 off with the same growth concerns and heightened volatility that made the second half of … Continue reading Balancing Confidence and Volatility

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